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I’m not sure if I would rather buy an aluminum gate or steel. Which is better for my home?

Usually it’s a personal preference when trying to choose between Steel or Aluminum gates; however, we have found that most homeowners have a better experience using an Aluminum gate due to the fact that its light weight which means that there is no stress on the moving parts which usually is the first issue that gate owners have with heavy steel gates…which in return adds to the longevity of the product. Also the Aluminum doesn’t corrode and rust which means it’s maintenance-free.

Can I install the gate myself?

Our gates are designed for a simple install however we would always recommend working with a qualified handy man or a small contractor in your area who have experience with installation of posts and also have the necessary minor tools to do the job efficiently and effectively.

Can I add a gate motor to my gate?

All of our gates are motor-ready. This means you can always add a motor to them without any modification needed on your gate. Please note that in-ground motors are not compatible with our gates.

How do I clean my gate?

The gate doors are made from aluminum; therefore, using a damp rag can do the job efficiently for you. The gate posts are made from steel to add additional strength and need to be inspected and if needed, a minor paint touch up can be done as needed. The posts are also powder coated; however, sometimes the powder doesn’t seat in certain pin size crevices and cause rust water to run down from your gate post. This doesn’t mean that the post is rusting. It’s simple rust water coming down from pin size hole that once its touched up by a bit of paint should be enough….

How do I ensure I’m choosing the right size for my home?

To ensure that you choose the right gate size for your project is very important. All gates are provided with specifications. We highly recommend reviewing all the provided size specifications with your installer to ensure you have the perfect size gate for your home. For more information and help please contact our qualified staff who can answer all your questions.

Do you deliver to my area?

We can have your gate delivered to all locations across Canada.

Push or Pull?

When you are standing on the inside of your property, will the gate swing inward (pull) or outward (Push)? We recommend “Pull” cases, however driveway slop or other factors may require that your gate swings outward. To insure you select the correct option simply contact us.

Why our gates:

Each gate is custom made to order.

This is the best part! Each and every gate that we fabricate for our customers are custom made at the time of order. No assembly lines ensure that no detail is left behind.

Use only the best and the highest quality of Aluminum to fabricate our gates.

All of our gate doors are made from high quality aluminum stocks.


Rather than having you gate manufactured in an assembly line where many people have a hand in the fabrication of your gate and the main purpose is to produce your gate as quickly as possible in order to move to the next one . W assign one qualified fabricator to each gate where the quality is controlled and the craftsman is able to oversee the project from start to finish.

Many different sizes and design to choose from.

Currently we are offering 20 magnificent designs for you to choose from. Each design has 4 different sizes for you to ensure that not only the design but also the size is (up your alley!).

Automation ready:

You can add automatic gate openers to each and every one of our gates.

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